Performance Suit pants - Ocean Blue

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Performance Suit Pants - Ocean Blue

What is the difference between Performance Suit pants and the regular performance pants?: Our performance suit pants is made in a finer quality and is a lot like a pair of suit pants.

Give yourself a pair of timeless suit pants with a comfort and fit that is just right. Like the rest of our Performance collection, these suit pants live up to their name. They perform on the highest level when it comes to quality, design and comfort. Our Performance suit pants are made from 62% polyester, 33% viscose and 5% elastane which makes them exceptionally comfortable. Our Performance Suit Pants is from the world-renowned brand Tailored Originals.

Optimale performance in your everyday life

Do you have a demanding everyday life where you meet a lot of people and therefore always have to look your best? Then you need a pair of pants in a stylish design which are still comfortable so that you can perform the best that you are able to in your everyday life.

These Performance suit pants gives up all of that. Without having to compromise with design, they will provide you with that comfort that makes you do your job and school without having to worry about tight pants and discomfort. That way you can focus on perform in your everyday life. The pants are made from a material consisting of 62% polyster, 33% viscose and 5% elastane which makes them extra flexible and stretchable so that you can move freely.

Tailored pants just for you

With the Performance suit pants in the color ocean blue you get a pair of classic pants with a unique fit. The pants has pockets in the front, is closed with a zipper and button and is designed with two pockets that are closed in the back with a button. Use them for everyday life as well as at parties – and all other occasions. They can be styled in both a casual as well as formal manner, whether with a shirt and blazer or with a casual t-shirt.

The pants will shape according to your and your body – therefore, you do not have to adjust to them, they adjust to you. You get a pair of pants that feel tailored to you. The pants are true to size and we therefore recommend that you choose your normal size.